Our values

Being earnest and persevering are defining values for us, and working as a team under the close guidance of the bailiff, being responsible and honest, these are the features which guide us in achieving professional achievements.

About us

We are an ambitious team, eager to improve, manifesting a special care for the profession and the client, focused on the final result.

The attention given to the quality of the process of execution is also reflected in the partnerships concluded with specialists in various professions: lawyers, notaries, tax consultants, accounting experts, evaluating experts, adding value to our work in the spirit of law foreclosure.

All these add up to professional development of our office, to increasing the number of favorably solved cases, and people working with our office become loyal customers and are assured of our proficiency and creativity in solving cases and last, but not least, of the respect they deserve to be treated with.

The office is represented by a number of 2 bailiffs: Viorel Marin Cristinel and Paul Lapugeanu. All the associates of the Office have a relevant previous banking activity, being coordinators or chiefs of the banking bailiffs sections in Romanian banks.
The team of the office includes 4 assistants and auxiliary personnel having legal background and relevant experience.

The documents for foreclosure shall be drawn up at the headquarters of our office in Bucharest, limited by the territorial jurisdiction of the Bucharest Appeal Court. The foreclosure documents may be also concluded outside the office, if there is a legal reason and the situation calls for this.

The location in which we carry out our activity is optimally equipped, both in terms of equipment and software applications, and of ensuring physical safety of the documents, being equipped with metallic cabinets and security systems, with respect to the provisions of the National Archives Law.

So as for the processed personal data to be protected, the office is authorized by the National Surveillance of Personal Data Processing Authority, according to the provisions of law no. 677/2001.

Reliability, professionalism and the experience gained along side you are used for satisfying the client, in strict compliance with the legal framework regulating the activity of the bailiffs.

Through continuous perfecting and innovative spirit, we want to reach high quality standards, which should recommend us and guarantee the procedural rights to customers.


According to the law in force, Law 188/2000, republished, respectively, starting with 2011, the territorial competency of the bailiff is limited to jurisdiction of the Appeal Court in which it is located. As an exception, in the case of foreclosure through seizure, it is realized within the jurisdiction of the Appeal Court of the creditor's headquarters.

The counties included in the jurisdiction of Bucharest's Appeal Court are:

  • - Bucuresti
  • - Ilfov
  • - Giurgiu
  • - Calarasi
  • - Ialomita
  • - Teleorman