Required documents!

This section offers information regarding forms and documents useful in drawing up the foreclosure dossier. The documents and forms are provided in PDF format. In order to view and then print them, you shall need Adobe Reader – it may be downloaded here.

Conveyance of the documents and drawing up the foreclosure dossier


The notice represents a legal approach common in the legal fields, of informing a person regarding a certain de facto or de jure state, of conveying a particular situation created, of warning that person with regard to a certain approach, of summoning that person to do or not act under an express sanction.

The legal documents are issued during the settlement of the trial – request for call into justice, request for exercising the means of appeal, decisions of the court, citations, etc.

Extrajudicial documents are those not issued by a court and may be used during a trial.

Conveying the documents may be realized function of the request of the notifier, the most common methods used being:

  • - through a procedural agent or
  • - through post offices.

For notices of the judicial and extrajudicial documents, the following documents must be filed at the bailiff 's office:

  • 1. the request for the bailiff for conveyance the documents – one copy;
  • 2. the judicial / extrajudicial document – three copies;
  • 3. copy of the identity card of the person requesting the conveyance of the document(s), for natural persons;
  • 4. proof of having the representative status(power of attorney, mandate);
  • 5. judicial stamp duty;
  • 6. postage;
  • 7. judicial stamp.