Respecting the principles of legality, availability and speed which are the basis of foreclosure, with full respect of the procedural rights for the creditor and debtor, guarantees our success alongside our clients.


Enforcement of the dispositions having civil character from the enforcement titles

• Notification of the judicial and extrajudicial documents
• Communicating the procedural documents
• Amicably recovering of any debt
• Implementation of the insuring measures disposed by the court
• Acknowledging various de facto states, with respect to the provisions of the Civil Procedure Code
• Drawing up the findings minutes, for the real offer, followed by recording the amount by the debtor, according to the provisions of the Civil Procedure Code
• Drawing up the non-payment protest for the bill of exchange, promissory notes and checks, as appropriate and according to law
• Direct executions:
      - Evictions
      - Establishing child custody or residence of the minor
      - Visiting the minor
      - Possessing, bordering, servitude, goods delivery, etc.
• Indirect executions:
      - Tracking movable receivables
      - Tracking real estate debt
• Seizures
• The protest of non payment for the bill of exchange, promissory note
• Acknowledgment of some de facto situations and inventoring various assets (art. 239 of the Civil Procedural Code)
• Minutes for real offers
• Forfeit
• Consultance with regard to setting executional documents
• Any other documents or operations given by the law in his jurisdiction